Self-Publishing Project Gets the Royal Treatment

Book Cover Art for a Self-Published Title

A local author asked for my help with his debut novel last year. A retired entrepreneur, he serializes his fiction work on social media and has quite a devoted fan base. I was thrilled to work with him and to get his first book pulled together into a self-published title his readers could finally hold … Continue reading

Book Cover Design Takes Home the Gold

Cover art for Sean Davis' memoir of service, loss, and healing through art therapy

Ooligan Press acquired the manuscript for this memoir late last summer, and I was embroiled with eighteen other projects at the time. It wasn’t until a few days after Christmas that I woke up in the wee hours of the morning and realized it was the perfect time to get to the heart of Sean … Continue reading

Book Cover Design Takes Home the Silver

Up Nights Cover

One of my colleagues issued a general inquiry this week into the design process. She’s been following our progress on a particular upcoming title. This is more or less what I shared with her. Where/how do you start when you are asked to design a cover? I read the manuscript and the design brief. I … Continue reading

Book Covers Strictly for Fun