In-Town Bungalow Pairs Understated Siding & Trim Palette With Jewel-Toned Front Door

I’ve been working this summer with a local paint retailer, consulting with homeowners and contractors on color palettes for interior and exterior projects. For me, it’s a new foray into yet another facet of design, and I quite enjoy the work. This is one of the projects I worked on.

The new owner of this 1940s-era bungalow was looking for a change from the arguably pleasant but uninspiring buttery yellow color that was on her siding. The house was in quite good shape when I visited, and I thought it was an excellent opportunity for an almost instant transformation. She talked about palettes she’d seen on similar homes that made an impression on her, and she was pretty sure she wanted a bright, playful and inviting front door. We took into consideration her immediate neighbors’ houses, as well as her roof, which was a neutral, mid-range gray.

colorswatches2We dove into Sherwin-Williams’ color collection and started to hunt down exactly which gray and beige tones were the most appealing. She held swatches up against the existing yellow siding to get a sense of how broad or subtle of a shift each of them would be. Sherwin’s Grecian Ivory (SW 7541) caught the homeowner’s attention right away as a great companion to the roof. She knew she wanted a green front door that would work with the existing emerald indoor/outdoor turf on the porch, but would also still look great once it was removed. She found that in Organic Green (SW 6732), then chose Pure White (SW 7005) for the trim. I suggested we finish the entire look off with Hardware (SW 6172) for the foundation and she agreed.

colorswatchesShe had a change of heart and sought out a claret or plum tone for the front door, switching to Framboise (SW 6566). (I suspect it had something do with the decision to remove the indoor/outdoor turf from the porch immediately) With that modification, it was necessary to shift the tones of the siding and foundation, and she landed on Comfort Gray (SW 6205) and Retreat (SW 6207) respectively, leaving the trim color as-was. The result is gorgeous—a classic and understated look that honors the vintage of the home.

colorswatches3Often I find that my consultation visit is just a means of narrowing the choices, as well as identifying the needs of individual architectural features. Once I talk to the homeowner a little bit about lighting conditions, furnishings or landscaping, complementary hues, etc. they have the tools to make adjustments as necessary. I may know one or two things about color theory, but the customers are the expert on what pleases them.

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