Label Artwork For Home-Brewed Ale

Well, it’s just a batch of home brew so it doesn’t need an entire identity and marketing campaign. But it’s nice if it has a label so you’re not stuck trying to Sharpie some tiny abbreviation on the cap, or worse—scribbling the batch date on a strip of blue painter’s tape and sticking it to the bottle. I found some pre-made vector shapes on line (nothing I couldn’t draw myself, but why not save time?),  set up some typography, and added a banner to call attention to the flavors of hops used.


This label for the bottle’s neck would require a die-cut.


I’ve found beverage labels to be among the more generous projects to the designer, practically unencumbered by parameters. What I mean is that beer labels can be classical and contemporary at the same time, they simply have to be visible, and distinguishable from others. There’s tons of opportunity in the motif(s) as a designer works to discover the un-blazed trail; and amusing word play is a regular feature in the names of craft batches that can introduce whimsey to the overall theme. Speaking of words, a designer can make the most of what is usually a scant bit of type. The biggest limitation—aside from size—is getting the label to stand out among the many, many, many bottles in the New Seasons cooler.

One Response to “Label Artwork For Home-Brewed Ale”
  1. Lailah Hamblin says:

    I love the Surgeon General’s warning.

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