Photoshop Treatment With a Very Specific Application

A friend is preparing to paint her house, and she asked me to help her with some color palettes. I told her I could apply the hues in Photoshop so she could get an idea of what looked good with her architecture. Of course, I couldn’t leave it at that. Anyone who has friends who are graphic designers knows to be careful what favors you ask of them. I’ve seen this little trick in Photoshop, and I thought the image of her house might be a good candidate for the polaroid collage. It’s not a difficult technique, but it does result in a lot of repetitive layers that need to be meticulously organized and labeled.

House Collage Color

The background image is of the preferred color scheme, the gold clapboards with oxblood details and white window frames

The tutorial I used showed its finished product on a black background, but I tried a couple of other treatments. I desaturated one of the original images, and I also tried a neutral grey background. However, the neutral grey was so close to the color of the roof that I had to warm it up a bit. I also used three different images—the three color schemes.


Admittedly, this doesn’t function as well as the plain, colorized images as a guide for choosing paint colors, but it was fun. I think this technique would be great with travel photos.


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