All Those Palettes and Menus, and it Turns Out the History Pane is King

What began as an eight-ball tattoo design got turned on its ear, in a manner of speaking, and became an “infinity ball” logo and artistic concept. The stationary version carries a different connotation than the one floating among the clouds. Photoshop just kept providing the media: brushes, paths, adjustment layers, filters, raster effects,  gradients, light effects, etc. Illustrator helped out a little.

As a (for the most part) layout designer, I’m seldom afforded time to stack up this many P’shop elements and techniques on a single commission, it’s a treat when the opportunity presents itself.

By the way, as would be expected, the eight-ball tattoo design worked itself out lickety-split, so it was a pleasure to further pursue the artwork down an unfamiliar path.

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