A Summer’s Internship in the Dirt

As my lawn gets smaller, and the veggie plot expands, I’ve been thinking about a SE Portland learning garden in which I spent a fair amount of time two springs ago. My undergraduate work was capped with a class focusing on issues of sustainability through a Native American lens. Organic community gardening was but one focus. The investigation into indigenous knowledge in general raises the issue of the true nature of “education” when colonization obliterates that which is unconventional but nonetheless invaluable.

As I prepared to make my years of toil and tears in the university system official, I kept coming back to the term “high-minded confusion” in describing my new sense that higher education brings up many more questions than it answers, a dirty trick, indeed. Now, here I am embroiled in graduate studies.

As spring 2012 gives way, I think it might be nice to have some of that indigenous knowledge to sprinkle on my garden. I’d like to get more than five tomatoes this year.

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