Thirty-Three Things I Love, Two I Don’t

33. Peculiar lightplay.

32. When cats roll on the sidewalk and get their backs all dirty.

31. Typography.

30. Morticia Addams’ posture.

29. Feathers … lots and lots of feathers.

28. Summer to Fall.

27. Sarcasm.

26. Big, lazy snowflakes.

25. Desserts with brandy or cream cheese in the recipe.

24. An earthworm in my hand.

23. Minimalism.

22. Bitching on Facebook about Facebook.

21. The smell of paint.

20. Semi-annual, short-duration, all-consuming heartache.

19. Catching men mid-ogle.

18. Gaining eight extra pounds, noticing, and shedding them.

17. The night sky.

16. A little leftover sand on the floorboards.

15. Old friends.

14. Brushed nickel tchotchkes.

13. InDesign CS6.

12. Hand-made paper.

11. Large-scale, moody, impasto abstracts.

10. The “thunk” of a book.

9. My dog when he’s eyeballing me.

8. People telling each other “I love you.”

7. Repeated pattern.

6. Being an age that ends in zero or seven.

5. Getting my feet warm.

4. Hemp accessories.

3. My son’s voice.

2. August birthdays.

1. My family.

Not so much…

2. Greed.

1. Photography straight outta the tube.

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