Design Notes: Printing & Publishing

Wholesale Catalogs for the Willamette Valley's Nursery Industry

These catalogs utilized every wonder that current press technology has going. They all start life ahead of the game since their subject matter is already inherently attractive. It’s hard to mess up a photo of a healthy rhododendron in full late Spring bloom. But beyond that, their production points spanned the menu depending on the … Continue reading

A Summer’s Internship in the Dirt

As my lawn gets smaller, and the veggie plot expands, I’ve been thinking about a SE Portland learning garden in which I spent a fair amount of time two springs ago. My undergraduate work was capped with a class focusing on issues of sustainability through a Native American lens. Organic community gardening was but one focus. … Continue reading

Book Cover Design

Proposed Book Cover Art

The book in question is a collection of short stories with a common thread; the life we settle for. When I first heard the title, without reading the manuscript, I knew exactly what it meant. An empty prairie, rutted dirt roads, coveralled diner patrons, plastic deer, and a weeded-over high school athletic field were among … Continue reading

Thirty-Three Things I Love, Two I Don’t

33. Peculiar lightplay. 32. When cats roll on the sidewalk and get their backs all dirty. 31. Typography. 30. Morticia Addams’ posture. 29. Feathers … lots and lots of feathers. 28. Summer to Fall. 27. Sarcasm. 26. Big, lazy snowflakes. 25. Desserts with brandy or cream cheese in the recipe. 24. An earthworm in my … Continue reading

Dada, Found-Object Art, and Altered Books

I wanted to make a sculpture out of a urinal so art students could write papers about me ninety-five years from now, but Marcel Duchamp beat me to it. As an undergrad I thought he was brilliant. Now I feel, by turns, duped and in on the joke. The Dada art movement was NOT an … Continue reading